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  • Raising Happy Teenagers—Mighty Parenting 234 with Sandy Fowler

    As parents, we want our kids to grow up happy, healthy, and successful. But there’s so much conflicting data and advice out there on everything from parenting techniques to college prep to what a happy, successful life means. So how are we supposed to figure out what works for us? Sandy Fowler joins us today, not just as the Mighty Parenting podcast host, but as a speaker and stress-relief [...]

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    Boys and Body Image—Mighty Parenting 233 with Charlotte Markey

    We’re all well familiar with ads, TV commercials, and magazines full of tips and examples of how girls and women can get and maintain that “perfect body”; it’s an unfortunate staple of our culture uplifting one body type above all others as the “ideal.” However, that staple is not limited to girls and women only—there’s no shortage of movies, magazines and commercials outlining the[...]

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    Solving Parenting Problems through Limiting Beliefs—Mighty Parenting 232 with Kim Muench

    It’s a constant around the world that nobody knows what they’re getting into when they first become parents. Parenting problems pop up everywhere and it’s exhausting at times, trying to maintain a decent relationship with your teen while still being an authority figure. So when our teens are struggling or lashing out or having issues, we tend to assume that they’re the problem. Sometimes [...]

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    5 Essential Parenting Strategies for Parenting in the Pandemic and Beyond—Mighty Parenting 231 with Carol Muleta

    COVID-19 charged into our world in 2019 and upended our entire lives, regardless of where we lived, how much we made, or whether we had kids or not. Now, three years later, we’re living in a world irrevocably changed and maybe we should be used to that by now—but those changes certainly haven’t made parenting any easier or less stressful. Parenting consultant Carol Muleta is raising [...]

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    What is Happening with Gen Z—Mighty Parenting 230 with John Della Volpe

    We’ve had to adjust to (and sometimes struggle with) the rapid changes in economics, information distribution and communication in the past few decades—but our kids have had this from the beginning. Generation Z is the first generation to have grown up alongside the digital age; from when they were young, they’ve had access to the internet, computers, cell phones and other forms of [...]

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    Crisis Resolution and Social Media Problems—Mighty Parenting 229 with Evan Nierman

    It’s said that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. Given the rise of the digital age and how intertwined the internet is in our teens’ lives, it’s not a surprise that they post things constantly—the key is that they’re not always aware of the consequences, short- and long-term, of certain comments, posted videos or shared photos on their reputations and futures.[...]

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    How to Help Our Sleep Deprived Teenagers—Mighty Parenting 228 with Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright

    It’s common to hear college students joking about pulling all-nighters and drinking truly unwise amounts of caffeine to get through classes and clubs and survive that one irritating professor who likes assigning ten-page papers every week. However, this trend of increasingly sleep deprived teenagers is not limited to college students alone; in 2018, the CDC declared a global public health [...]

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    Depression, Addiction, and Suicide Prevention: A Story of Hope—Mighty Parenting 227 with Judy Davis

    We don’t want to believe that we could lose our children to something that we can’t fight for them; unfortunately, depression, addiction and suicidal tendencies have become significantly more evident in teenagers around the world in recent years. And that is terrifying to every one of us who have teens of our own. How do you fight your child’s own mind? Judy Davis is one such parent, [...]

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    The Best Way to Choose a College—Mighty Parenting 226 with Emma B Perez

    One of the major problems our kids have with education after high school is that there are so many options to choose from, and those options don’t narrow much if they decide they want to go to college—there’s everything from the degree type, to the area of study, to the scholarship and financial aid options, to the commute, and so on. Student mentor Emma B Perez is back to answer [...]

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    Being Bold and Increasing Confidence—Mighty Parenting 225 with Fred Joyal

    Being confident and being bold are not, in fact, the same qualities. Confidence is a state of mind; boldness is taking action. However, both of these are all too often difficult for our kids to develop for themselves. Entrepreneur and author Fred Joyal joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler and explains to us how we can adjust our parenting styles to increase confidence and encourage [...]

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