• What Homeschooling Looks Like And How It May Help | Alison Morrow | Episode 79

  • As parents become increasingly frustrated with problems in schools, behavior issues in our own children, special needs and other concerns, they are seeing more reasons to homeschool. But what is homeschooling really? Can it help your family? How can you know if it’s a possibility if you don’t know what homeschooling looks like? Host Sandy Fowler digs into these and many other questions and misconceptions in her chat with Alison Morrow on the Mighty Parenting podcast. Find out the truth and figure out whether or not homeschooling is right for your family.



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    A Favorite Quote from the Show: 

    “The one skill you need is to know how to learn and find information.”

    High Points of What Homeschooling Looks Like:

    most important skill is to find informationFamilies have many different reasons to homeschool and they range from the lifestyle and freedom of curriculum to helping a child who is struggling with a school environment.

    Be careful. Sometimes parents believe homeschooling is a magic solution for any problem their teen is experiencing in the school system. While homeschooling may help, remember that it’s just one tool.

    When you think about what homeschooling looks like, remember that there are many different ways to structure your homeschool. You’ll want to consider your needs and preferences as well as those of each child. After all, education is so much more exciting and interesting when it’s tailored to you.

    When you begin homeschooling, especially with an older child, you may need to have a period of “deschooling” first.

    The one skill you need is to know how to learn and find information.

    Parents often worry about not being a teacher or being “smart enough” to teach their children. Remember, you will have a teacher’s edition of any textbooks you use and there are many outside resources to support you.

    You don’t have to know more than your child. Simply tell them, “I’m coming alongside you. Let’s learn this together.”

    You can talk to your child about viewing education as a journey we take together.

    When parents look at the many reasons to homeschool they also look at reasons not to homeschool.  One of the popular ones is that your child needs a transcript to get into college. You can create a transcript for them and there is a ton of information available on how to do that.

    It doesn’t matter what choice you make. Take an honest look, see what homeschooling looks like and some of the reasons to homeschool. When you have the facts then decide what’s best for your family. Every family is different and there is not a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to education.

    Resources Mentioned in Show:

    Kahn Academy

    Our Guest:

    Alison MorrowAlison Morrow is a homeschool coach and co-founder of GoodSchooling, which aims to equip, empower, and encourage parents as they launch their own homeschool adventure. A former elementary and middle school teacher, Alison has homeschooled her own two children “since the beginning” along with Daniel, her husband and GoodSchooling co-founder. It was their own rocky start to homeschooling – despite Alison’s training and background – that led them to research the issues that give parents the most trouble when they transition to homeschooling and begin developing resources to assist them. Alison’s one-of-a-kind coaching program, The Confident Homeschooler, helps parents lay a solid foundation for long-term homeschooling success.

    To learn more or connect with our guest visit www.goodschooling.net