• The Role of Food | Lisa Fawcett and Abby Black | Episode 207

  • Are you struggling with your teen’s behavior? Do they have skin concerns? Headaches? When kids seem lethargic, unmotivated, squirrelly, inattentive, angry or exhibit other concerning behaviors we don’t think first about food as a solution. Registered dietician Abby Black talks to Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler about the role of food in our children’s lives. And  independent Epicure consultant Lisa Fawcett shares her family’s story along with tips for cooking faster and healthier. Listen in to get insights on the role of food and tips for making mealtime easier and faster.

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    A Favorite Quote from the Show

    Food is at the center of everything.

    High Points From Our Conversation on the Role of Food:

    Food is really at the center of everything. Food gives us the energy for those exams or to get through the day.

    If your child is relying on energy drinks it’s time to assess what’s happening with their food. Do they not have time to eat? Are they not eating the right foods to fuel them?

    Food impacts our health in many ways. 

    Social media posts can drive unhealthy food choices in our teens.

    Parents are often surprised at the role of food in our lives.

    If your child has migraines, behavior issues, energy problems, stomach complaints, etc. it may be worthwhile to look into their food choices and check for sensitivities.

    A lack of micro nutrients can impact mood.

    The role of food goes beyond just what we’re eating.

    Lisa had to remove dairy, soy, and many other foods to deal with health issues. She felt doomed, confined, limited, and that she was missing out.

    She ended up cooking a meal for her family and something else for herself. It was time consuming, exhausting, and it made her feel different.

    Epicure allows Lisa to make one meal that her whole family can eat and she can do it in 30 minutes or less. 

    When changing your diet it is better to take a positive approach and look at what you can eat rather than what you need to cut out.

    The more times we eat together as a family the better it is. You’ll see what they’re eating and tune into attitudes developing around food.


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    Our Guest & Sponsor Lisa Fawcett:

    I am a MOM, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Epicure Director. I love what I do and really enjoy meeting new people!

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    Creating meals 365 days a year can get boring and difficult if you have food sensitivities. I personally have walked this road and have had to change my food intake. I am very interested in helping others find healthy solutions faster! 

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    Our Guest Abby Black:

    Abby Black provides Medical Nutrition Therapy, specializing in Diabetes, Eating Disorders, and Food Sensitivities/Inflammation. Abby has been passionate about nutrition and helping people since middle school and then pursued her dream to double major in Dietetics/Nutrition, fitness and health.

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