• Talking To Your Teenager About Sex | Cath Hakanson | Episode 12

  • If you are a parent who avoids talking to your teenager about sex, you are not alone. Most parents stop having these conversations when kids hit puberty, but kids really need them in their teen years and even into their twenties. But what do we need to discuss? How do you broach the subject? What do we do if we’re embarrassed? What if we don’t even understand the terminology they are using?

    Mighty Parenting podcast hosts, Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler, get the facts on talking to your teenager about sex from sex education expert Cath Hakansan. Find out the mistakes parents make, what our teens really want to know, how to talk so it won’t be embarrassing, and simple ways to set the tone for open conversation.

    Then join Judy and Sandy in Real Talk where they get real about family dinners. Find out what happened to Sandy’s family when their busy lives ended their family dinners and what you can do instead.


    A Favorite Quote from the Talking Sex to Your Teenager Show:

    “As a parent, you’re not the instructor, you’re the moral compass helping them navigate this sexualized world.”

    High Points From Talking To Your Teenager About Sex:

    The biggest mistake parents make in talking sex to their teenager is NOT talking to their teens about sex.

    Parents have the misconception that this involves discussing the mechanics. What teens are actually asking for, and what they need from us, is mentoring and guidance about love, relationships, and the values side of things.

    Parents make the mistake of not talking about experiences and sharing stories. It helps kids to hear about relationships you struggled with or challenges you had.

    Another mistake parents make is talking too much. We need to talk to our kids and open the door for future conversations, but not too much.

    There isn’t a checklist of things that you can just talk to your teens about and be done. However, there are 3 topics we must discuss: pornography, sexting, and consent.

    More from our Guest Cath Hakansan:

    Cath Hakanson is a mother, sex educator and founder of Sex Ed Rescue. Bringing her 20+ years clinical knowledge, a practical down-to-earth approach, and passion for helping families, Cath inspires parents to talk to their kids about sex so that kids can talk to their parents about anything! Sex Ed Rescue arms you with the tools, advice and tips to make sex education a normal part of everyday life.

    To learn more or connect with our guest, visit  sexedrescue.com

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