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  • Welcome to Mighty Parenting, the community for parents where we raise teens and parent young adults to be happy, successful, emotionally-healthy adults. Those teen and young adult years are challenging for our kids and for us as well. These are years where parents can often feel at a loss or alone. Mighty Parenting can help you find a way forward and bring you in contact with other parents at the same time. This page shows you how to connect, find resources and shows you how you can support the Mighty Parenting mission as well.

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  • Whether you've been a Mighty Parent for a while or just joined the community, I am thrilled you joined us. You may have heard rumblings about Judy's situation, or heard Sandy mention on a podcast that she's flying solo for a while. Here's the back story:

    Judy's husband is active duty military. While he was away from home on training exercises he was severely injured by an IED. Sadly, he required a leg amputation. He, Judy, and their family are handling the situation extremely well but it is truly a life-altering experience. 

    Judy is focusing her energy on helping her husband recover and navigate this new normal in their lives.

    She and Geoff want everyone to know how much the outpouring of support has meant to them. People have made financial donations, helped with the behind-the-scenes work at Mighty Parenting, and shared prayers and words of support. It has all moved them deeply and everything is greatly appreciated.