• Strengthen Family Bonds When You Volunteer As A Family | Jenny Friedman | Episode 125

  • strengthen family bonds when you volunteer as a familyA universal truth is parents want to be close to their kids. But when our kids become teenagers it can be tricky to find ways to strengthen family bonds. One way to do it is to spend meaningful time together, and a great way to do that is to volunteer as a family. On today’s episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast, Sandy Fowler chats with Jenny Friedman from Doing Good Together. They explore the idea of giving back through volunteering. They discuss the impact of volunteering and how to volunteer as a family.



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    A Favorite Quote from the Show: 

    “Volunteering teaches critical thinking, problem solving, and responsibility. It also teaches kids they can make a difference.”

    High Points From Our Conversation on How To Strengthen Family Bonds When You Volunteer as a Family:

    Volunteer as a family and teach soft skillsWhen families volunteer together, parents pass on key values to children.

    Giving back makes people happier and healthier. It even increases life span.

    When you volunteer as a family, it sparks conversations with kids that may not happen otherwise. This strengthens family bonds too.

    Volunteering teaches critical thinking, problem solving, and responsibility. It also teaches kids they can make a difference.

    Having meaning in your life increases happiness. Also, it makes us feel good when we do good.

    Families can volunteer regardless of ages of the children. There are opportunities that fit kids from toddler to teen. You can volunteer whether you have 5 minutes of 5 hours.

    Doing volunteer projects sparks conversations about why it’s important to do for others as well as what kind of difference we can make in other people’s lives.

    If family is scattered, you can all volunteer for the same organization but in your own location.

    The key to volunteering with teens is involving them in the decision of how you will volunteer as a family. 

    Have a conversation around what excites them, what interests them and focus your efforts around their interest.

    Consider letting your teen take a friend along. They’ll have a good time and it may encourage the friend and their family to volunteer.

    The conversations and reflections on giving back are as important as the project itself.

    Volunteering and conversations around volunteering encompass many ideas such as the value of compassion, empathy, giving back, and service.

    Resources Mentioned in Show:


    For families with younger kids: The Big-Hearted Family Book Club https://www.doinggoodtogether.org/big-hearted-families-book-club 

    Our Guest Jenny Friedman of Doing Good Together: 

    Jenny Friedman volunteer as a familyJenny Friedman, PhD, an authority on family philanthropy, is the Founder/Executive Director of Doing Good Together (TM). Jenny has worked with families and children all her life, as a teacher, clinician and volunteer. She has also written over 100 articles on child development, education and parenting for both local and national publications, including Parents, Parenting, and American Baby. She authored the book The Busy Families Guide to Volunteering, and co-authored Doing Good Together: 1010 Easy, Meaningful Service Projects for Families, Schools and Communities.

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