• Raising Teens: Taming The Social Media Monster | Mandy Majors | Episode 6

  • Social Media is a way of life for our kids. Our teens and twenty-somethings are connected more than ever, and parents need to be prepared. In today’s Mighty Parenting podcast, expert Mandy Majors of NextTalk shares her practical approach to cyber-parenting. Hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler find out what parents need to do beyond parental controls. They’ll get the inside scoop on helping our kids navigate the social media world of cyber bullying, sex, and everything in-between. They’re getting all the details and practical solutions.

    Every parent faces overwhelm at some time and volunteering is a huge contributor to the stress and busyness of our lives. Judy picks Sandy’s brain for solutions to this parenting problem in today’s Real Talk segment. Find out the sneaky aspect of this problem, how a painful decision stops us, and simple strategies for getting through it.

    A Favorite Quote from the Show:

    Parents dismiss social media as stupid but it’s integral to the culture our kids are growing up in, even if you do not allow them access to it. We need to deal with it especially when raising teens.

    High Points from Taming The Social Media Monster show:

    Social media is cultural. Whether you use it in your household or not your child will be exposed.

    If you choose not to allow social media, be aware your child may experience FOMO – fear of missing out.

    Use the parental control tools available but do not think that will be a solution in and of itself.

    Be the safe place for your kid. Teach them to come to you, to report things they see on social media. Thank them and tell them how proud you are of them when they do.

    Moodiness can be a sign your child is being adversely affected by social media.

    Help your kids find social media balance by modeling it for them.


    More about raising teens from our Guest Mandy Majors of NextTalk:

    Mandy Majors graduated from Indiana University with a BA in political science and criminal justice. She is the author of TALK: A Practical Approach to Cyberparenting and Open Communication and is the founder and executive director of nextTalk, a nonprofit organization passionate about helping families develop open communication to keep kids safe online. Mandy has been happily married to her best friend, Matt, for eighteen years, and they have two kids (ages ten and fourteen).

    You can connect with Mandy at: www.nextTalk.org & www.mandymajors.com


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