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  • How Beliefs Affect Behavior—Mighty Parenting 220 With Shelly Lefkoe

    The beliefs we learn when we're young form the cornerstone of our morals, opinions, speech and behaviors for the rest of our lives. So how do we make sure that our children internalize beliefs that will help, not hinder, their futures? Shelly Lefkoe is here to show us how beliefs affect behavior; she talks with Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler on learned beliefs and behaviors, [...]

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    How to Set Boundaries for Teens with Conscious Parenting—Mighty Parenting 219 with Ellen Gottlieb

    People tell us that constant push back is normal for teenagers and parents need to be grateful because it means they’re growing up. But this push back can leave parents feeling disconnected from their teen. And what happens when the pushback takes the form of breaking curfew, failing exams, and talking back, or constantly butting heads? We can feel like we’re living in a constant [...]

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    Connecting With Teens—Mighty Parenting 218 with Chef Kibby

    For those of us juggling parenthood, adulthood, work and COVID-19 habits, cooking often seems like just one more item on the to-do list, and many times gets dropped in favor of take-out when we just can't find the time. Chef Kibby talks us through taking that chore and using it for connecting with teens. He and Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler discuss the power of cooking with [...]

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    Choosing a Career—Mighty Parenting 217 with Emma B Perez

    There's nothing quite so intimidating for teens as putting themselves out there and interviewing for their first job, whether it's waiting tables or fixing computers. Choosing a career can be a complicated process with a number of factors from personal skills to college class choices. Career and life design coach Emma B Perez knows this and is here to help us, parents and teens alike. Mighty [...]

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    Dealing With Challenging Behaviors in Your Teenager—Mighty Parenting 216 with Dr Karin Jakubowski

    Is your teen trampling over your last nerve? Do you get tired of constantly feeling like the disciplinarian, where your relationship with your teen gets more strained by the day? Dr. Karin Jakubowski knows how that feels, and she joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler in discussing how to deal with challenging behaviors in our teens. We learn how to stay calm, how to be patient, how[...]

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    A Better Marriage—Mighty Parenting 215 with Yana Gil de Montes

    Marriage is a beautiful commitment, but that doesn't mean that every moment is going to be easy and wonderful. Yana Gil de Montes has been married for over 15 years and she and her partner were getting mired down in complaints, stress and fear regarding each other and their marriage. Yana talks with Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler about how to make a better marriage through [...]

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    Help Your Teenager Find Purpose and Joy—Mighty Parenting 214 with Bill Hendricks & Bev Hendricks Godby

    Does your teen struggle with finding their purpose in life? It’s common to get caught in thought spirals of existentialism and lose motivation because we lose our direction. But purpose doesn’t have to be this enormous responsibility or the entire reason we think we exist. It’s unique to every person, yes—but this giftedness, this pattern of behavior, can be as simple as wanting to [...]

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    Parenting Through a Pivotal Moment in History—Mighty Parenting 213 with Veronica Chambers

    Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify |Stitcher | Player FM | iheartradio | Castbox | Podchaser | Overcast A Favorite Quote from the Show:  Every attempt at a solution is part of the solution. High Points From Our Conversation on Parenting Through a Pivotal Moment in History: Peaceful protest is the most effective form of protest in the world. Studies[...]

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    Rites of Passage That Motivate Boys—Mighty Parenting 212 with Dr. Mark Schillinger

    Rights of passage, especially those of transitioning from a teenager to an adult, are often critical to our teens’ self-identities and their motivation to move in the world. Our society has been shifting, however, and many of those rights of passage don’t quite fit anymore, which leaves our teens floundering and stuck. Dr. Mark Schillinger joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler [...]

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    Should You Limit Screen Time or Do This Instead—Mighty Parenting 211 with Tiffany Shlain

    These days it seems like every time you turn around, your teen has their face in their phone—or tablet, or laptop, or GameBoy...you get the picture. Our lives revolve around electronics and we can't imagine being without them. Fun interaction with your family becomes a chore to arrange. How can we get ourselves and our teens to take a break from screen time without simply banning tech use [...]

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