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  • A Parenting Conversation About Coming Out | John Sovec | Episode 171

    Today we’re talking about coming out. For most parents this is uncharted territory. What does it look like? What does it mean? What if I’m uncomfortable with it? How can I navigate this? How can I love my child through this? Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler talks to John Sovec to help parents understand the coming out process. John provides expert help to sort through the emotions [...]

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    Teens Lying to Parents | Kimball Lewis | Episode 170

    When we’re waiting for our little bundles of joy to show up in our lives we dream; we dream about holding them, spending time with them, and enjoying a great relationship when they’re all grown up. We don’t dream about teens lying to parents, manipulating, arguing, or teens talking back. These are some of the more challenging behavior problems we encounter with our teenagers and they’re [...]

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    What Leadership in Teens Looks Like and How It Impacts Them | Renee Sinning | 169

    We generally think of leadership in teens as being president of a student organization or captain of a team. But leadership goes far beyond those boundaries. It can show up in myriad ways in everyday life for our kids. And why do we care about it? Yes, every college is asking about leadership and it’s on every scholarship application, but other than checking off those boxes, why should we care? [...]

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    Calm the Chaos | Ashley Buffa | Episode 168

    Two things parents often ask are how to calm the chaos and how to stop nagging their teenager. After all, no-one wants to live in a pig sty or constantly nag their teen. Focusing on home management is one way to stop the nagging—and you get a clean home too! The real surprise here is you’ll be teaching life skills and strengthening your relationship at the same time. Sandy Fowler interviews [...]

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    What Parents Need to Know About Porn and Teenagers | Megan Maas | Episode 167

    Pornography is something our parents typically didn’t discuss with us as we grew up, other than some backhanded comments or telling us to avoid it. Nor was it as prevalent as it is today. Plus, the nature of porn has changed dramatically and there’s science to show it impacts our children’s brains. Megan Maas joins Mighty Parenting  Podcast host Sandy Fowler to help you understand what’s [...]

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    Help Teens Eliminate Excuses And Overcome Obstacles | Summer Owens | Episode 166

    Whether our teens are stumbling around or truly driven, they will run into obstacles. Oftentimes those obstacles stop them in their tracks and that can be frustrating for everyone. They feel defeated and we feel frustrated. So what can we do to help them eliminate excuses and overcome obstacles? Today’s guest, Summer Owens, knows exactly what to do. Having become a mother at 15 as the result of [...]

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    Understanding Addiction In Teenagers: Risk, Prevention, and Treatment | Richard Capriola | Episode 165

    We hear a lot about drinking and drug usage in teens and twenty somethings but is it something to worry about with your child? And what if I KNOW my child has a problem? What do I do then? Richard Capriola joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to discuss drinking, drugs, substance abuse and addiction in teenagers. He helps us understand how to support our kids and prevent substance [...]

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    Positive Body Image for Teens | Emily Lauren Dick | Episode 164

    There’s something that’s been an issue for women for years—body image. Very few women express being happy with their bodies. Some are okay with it or feel they have come to terms with it, but they aren’t happy with it. And it isn’t just a weight issue; skin tone, scarring, disabilities and many other things make women feel “less than” and unworthy. And these feelings leak into all [...]

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    Love Skills for a Stronger Relationship | Linda Carroll | Episode 163

    Strong love skills are essential for any relationship. We need them to create connection and strengthen our relationship with our teenager, and we need them to help our romantic relationship go the distance. And, one of the best ways we can help our children have a strong relationship in their adulthood is to model that now. With Valentine’s Day around the corner there’s no better time to [...]

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    Handling Challenging Behavior In Teenagers | Christine Abrahams | Episode 162

    Is your teenager intense? Handling challenging behavior in teenagers can leave parents floundering. We wonder how to help them, how to motivate them, and maybe contemplate whether any discipline will have an impact. Christine Abrahams understands this and helps parents learn how to develop a deep and loving relationship with the most intense child. She talks to Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy [...]

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