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  • Parenting Through a Pivotal Moment in History—Mighty Parenting 213 with Veronica Chambers

    Many of the socially pivotal moments in history were triggered by, driven by or accompanied with protests, small or large. The Black Lives Matter Movement is the most recent socially pivotal moment in U.S. history and has driven many teens to start or join protests and start asking questions about racism, black culture and black cultural history, and their role in this movement. Veronica [...]

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    Rites of Passage That Motivate Boys—Mighty Parenting 212 with Dr. Mark Schillinger

    Rights of passage, especially those of transitioning from a teenager to an adult, are often critical to our teens’ self-identities and their motivation to move in the world. Our society has been shifting, however, and many of those rights of passage don’t quite fit anymore, which leaves our teens floundering and stuck. Dr. Mark Schillinger joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler [...]

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    Should You Limit Screen Time or Do This Instead—Mighty Parenting 211 with Tiffany Shlain

    These days it seems like every time you turn around, your teen has their face in their phone—or tablet, or laptop, or GameBoy...you get the picture. Our lives revolve around electronics and we can't imagine being without them. Fun interaction with your family becomes a chore to arrange. How can we get ourselves and our teens to take a break from screen time without simply banning tech use [...]

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    Why Teens Act Out and How to Stop It—Mighty Parenting 210 with Dr Cam

    We parents often call the teen years the most difficult stage of raising a kid; they come with everything from backtalk to door slamming, skipping curfews, arguing and emotional outbursts of all kinds. Our teens act out, and it’s tiring and frustrating and it feels like we say one thing and they hear something completely different. Dr. Cameron “Cam” Caswell and Mighty Parenting podcast [...]

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    Reduce Anxiety in Teens Through Mindfulness | Isabelle Robledo | Episode 209

    Parents wonder how to reduce anxiety in teens as our teens face more challenges and deal with the impact of those challenges. Isabell Robledo understands this. As a teen mindfulness coach, and a teenager herself, she has a strong grasp of what our children struggle with in this modern world. She discovered tools that help her and learned how to share those with children and teens. Isabelle [...]

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    Banish Math Anxiety | Dr. Aditya Nagrath | Episode 208

    Concepts in math build on each other as they go; if your teen runs into difficulty in algebra, then geometry and algebra 2 and calculus are only going to confuse them further. This is how our kids develop math anxiety, compounding years of failed understanding and struggle through their schooling. Dr. Aditya Nagrath joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler and explains why our kids [...]

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    The Role of Food | Lisa Fawcett and Abby Black | Episode 207

    Are you struggling with your teen’s behavior? Do they have skin concerns? Headaches? When kids seem lethargic, unmotivated, squirrelly, inattentive, angry or exhibit other concerning behaviors we don’t think first about food as a solution. Registered dietician Abby Black talks to Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler about the role of food in our children’s lives. And  [...]

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    Parenting an Emotionally Sensitive Child | Matis Miller | Episode 206

    Angry outbursts, tears, and difficult behavior can be the hallmark of the teen years. We can also see these behaviors in our emotionally sensitive child as they learn to navigate the flood of emotions that overwhelms them. Matis Miller is an expert in dialectic behavior therapy and the author of The Uncontrollable Child. He uses DBT as a base for helping parents learn how to navigate these [...]

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    6 Ways Parents Can Help Teens Achieve Early Financial Independence | Dan Sheeks | Episode 205

    Money doesn’t buy happiness but not having enough creates problems. Relationships get strained, mental health suffers, and opportunities are limited. But what if our teens could achieve early financial independence? What if they could have enough income to give them more choices about their job or how they spend their time? Dan Sheeks works with teens who are striving for early financial [...]

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    3 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress in Your Family | John Sovec | Episode 204

    The holidays are here and they can be fun, festive, and happy but also stressful, frustrating and sad. There can be a lot of pressure and endless to-do lists that rob us of the joy of the season. Fortunately there are ways to shift things to a more positive experience. Mighty Parenting host Sandy Fowler discusses these shifts with John Sovec. John lends insights into how we end up stressed and [...]

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