• Partnering to Eliminate Problems at School | Meg Flanagan | Episode 7

  • Teachers, coaches, mentors, counselors and support staff help us educate our kids and identify problems at school. They are the people we reach out to when our child is struggling, but what happens when you don’t see eye to eye on the best way to support your teen? Advocacy expert Meg Flanagan is this week’s guest on the Mighty Parenting podcast. Listen in as hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler find out the do’s and don’ts and best practices for partnering to eliminate problems at school and working effectively to meet your child’s needs.

    In today’s Real Talk, Judy and Sandy dig into the truth about quality time with teenagers. Judy talks about the pressure she feels then she and Sandy share the tricks they’ve learned for getting that important time with your kids as they grow up.

    A Favorite Quote from the Show:

    Teacher, parent, school, we are all here for team child. We want to see them succeed at the highest possible level of which they are personally capable.

    High Points From Our Partnering to Eliminate Problems at School :

    problems at school Mighty Parenting episode 7When parents go in to the school to advocate for their child typically one of two things happens. Either they don’t know what to ask for or they start assigning blame. Neither works to eliminate problems at school.

    Go in with an attitude of curiosity instead.

    Use statements like, “This is what I’m seeing at home. What are you seeing at school?” or Hey, I’m noticing that my child (does this/feels like) when (this happens).

    To drop your defensive feelings, release blame for yourself. Remind yourself that you are not your child and your child is not you. Your child is a separate person and the school wants to help.

    If you can come together as a team, parent and teacher, you’re more likely to get what you both want for the child—a happier, stress-free, successful life. It works better when you’re a team and both on the same side of the fence.

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    Meg Flanagan, founder of MilKids Ed, is a teacher, mom and military spouse. She is dedicated to making the K-12 education experience easier for military families. Meg regularly writes for MilitaryOneClick, Military Shoppers, The Military Wife & Mom and NextGen MilSpouse. You can find Meg, and MilKids, online on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.