• Mighty Parenting Basics Course

    Let’s Talk – Core Communication Strategies to End Chaos and Connect With Your Teenager

  • One of the greatest challenges we face as parents is communicating with our teenager. Understanding how to talk to them, connect with them and interact with them isn't easy and we can help. 

  • True to the Mighty Parenting style, Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler dig in with communication expert Lisa Giruzzi to bring you answers to your biggest questions on how to talk to your teenager in a way that brings real connection. You will learn:

    • Why communicating with our kids becomes more challenging as they get older.
    • What makes communication different in families, friends, and teenagers.
    • The 3 common myths about communication and how they impact your ability to really connect.
    • Effective strategies for interacting without fighting and misunderstandings.
    • How to tackle various real life situations. 

    One of the biggest strengths about the exchange that happens with our experts builds on the fact that we all learn better from a conversation rather than having someone talk at us. In this program you will gain insight and understanding that will translate less chaos and more healthy interaction with your child. Choose the option that's right for you.

  • Option 1 - Online Option

    Perfect for the on the go parent who wants instant access. This course is available for virtual access from Oct 15 - Oct 22. 

    Contents include:

    • Audio Recordings
    • Worksheet
    • Ability To Submit Questions
  • Option 2 - Online Option Plus

    Perfect if you need extra time and 

    Contents include:

    • Online Audio Recordings
    • downloadable Worksheet
    • Ability To Submit Questions
    • thumbdrive