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  • how to write a winning college essayWhen our child decides to go to college there are a million things to sort through and manage. On that list is getting admitted to a college that is a good fit for them. Part of the process is to write a college admissions essay. This is no easy feat! The admissions essay is a sticking point for many kids and the process drives parents crazy. Our sponsor, Ecree, has some tips to help make the process easier and to help your child write a better essay. Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler shares Ecree’s tips so you can show them how to write a winning college essay, support them along the way, and not stress out (too much) while it happens.



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    A Favorite Quote from the Show: 

    “The best part of helping your child brainstorm essay topics is you get to walk down memory lane and tell them how amazing they are.”

    High Points of Our Conversation on How to Write a Winning College Essay:

    Ecree the on-demand writing tutor - how to write a winning college essayGuide your child to the college admission essay prompts they are most excited about. Writing is much easier, fresher and more interesting if they feel like they have something to say.

    Essay inspiration can come from anywhere.  Have your student scan their social media posts or saved phone photos.  Things they “like”, “follow”, or “comment” on are all great ways to inspire college admission essay topics. You can also help them brainstorm topics and to share memories that can strengthen the prompt they choose. Then step back and let them write.

    Encourage your student to write many drafts of their college admission essay to fully explore their topic. Each following draft will only improve as they clarify their ideas and tighten their writing – revision is normal and not a waste of time.

    Students college admissions essay should be interesting and concise – at least 250 words, but no more than 650 words.  Be sure they include as many concrete details about themselves as possible to tell admission counselors who they are.

    Sometimes the sensitive and personal nature of the admission essay makes a student hesitant to show their writing to parents or family members. An objective writing resource, like Ecree, maintains their privacy but assures high-quality writing feedback.

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    Ecree: On-demand, virtual writing tutor for students

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