• Discovering How Going A Little Crunchy Can Impact Your Family’s Health And Behavior Issues | Megan Whitaker | Episode 40

  • When it comes to healthy living for your family, it can be tough to get ahead of modern living. Mighty Parenting podcast’s guest, Megan Whitaker, understands those challenges and helps families tackle them every day. She has simple and doable strategies for helping your family live healthy by going a little crunchy. In this interview, hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler pull out all the stops to help you understand the differences between traditional and natural medicine—and how they can both help, how our sleep is impacted by modern living, and the effects of chemicals in our lives. They’ll discuss simple ways to prevent or deal with issues in your family with some crunchy living secrets.


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    Favorite Quote from the Show:

    What would my grandmother have done?

    High Points From Discovering How Going A Little Crunchy Can Impact Your Family’s Health And Behavior Issues:

    a little crunchyAmerican culture is disease focused—either you’re diseased or you’re healthy. But there’s a continuum of wellness and we want to be at our optimum.

    In traditional medicine we use plants. Technologically we’ve outgrown older ideas and physicians are taught not to focus on energy or feeling well but, rather, to prescribe drugs approved by the FDA.

    The profile of our food is different than it used to be.

    Our lifestyles have changed and they are impacting our health.

    Phones and screen time impact us by affecting our circadian rhythms and throwing off our sleep. Sleep is essential for memory and growth—two things our teens need.

    Of the 88,000 chemicals registered for use by humans, only 8000 have been tested for safety.

    Many chemicals are hormone disrupting. Some of the common ones are fragrances.

    To reduce the number of chemicals your family is exposed to through personal care products, check the Environmental Working Group’s website and look for items that score below a 6.

    We all have a bucket to hold our toxins and we detox at different rates. When our bucket spills over we experience problems such as asthma, allergies, rashes, etc.

    Behavior issues tend to be food related and going a little crunchy can help.

    When wondering what to do, ask yourself what your grandmother would have done.

    We can go crunchy without going crazy and live healthier while we do it.

    Our Guest:

    Megan Whitaker is a former nurse turned health coach & holistic living expert living in Nashville TN with her husband, 2 little girls and 3 backyard chickens. In 2010 she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was able to reverse it herself naturally after years of failed conventional treatment. She left her job as a nurse 3 years ago to focus on helping families avoid the wellness pitfalls of modern life and go non-toxic and chemical free. Besides her blog, her articles have published on sites including Healthline, The Week, Romper, and SheKnows and she speaks frequently at parenting conferences and health summits. Her new podcast, Going Crunchy Not Crazy, dives into her holistic lifestyle and natural wellness approach—and the science behind it all.

    To learn more or connect with our guest, visit http://GoingCrunchyNotCrazy.com