• Build a Support System that Makes Parenting Your Teen Easier |Janice Case | Episode 9

  • Parents need to build a support system during the teen and early adult years more than they do at any other time. Our kids are growing, facing new adventures and new obstacles. We have to find new ways to parent through the struggles, but this is a time when parents feel pushed away and left out. Principal and Educational consultant Janice Case joins Mighty Parenting podcast to help us explore the issues and understand what’s happening in our kids’ lives. We discover how life is different from what we experienced and the ways that truth impacts our parenting. She’ll teach us why we need a network and how to build a support system that makes the job of parenting our teens easier.

    One challenging aspect of parenting through the teen years is staying connected to our kids and finding ways to let them know how we feel about them. In Real Talk, Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler share simple ideas for maintaining and building connection with our kids through their teens and into their twenties.


    A Favorite Quote from the Show:

    “My kid’s not perfect and I know that. I know I don’t see all the good they do, and I know I don’t see all the bad they do. But if you become aware of something that you know a parent should know, please tell me and know that I’m not going to be upset with you, I’m not going to become defensive”.

    High Points About Building A Support System:

    The village we (parents) knew growing up is gone and we need to build a support system that is new and meets today’s needs.

    This village is critical for our kids.

    Our kids have a different mindset than we did, they’re living in a different world.

    • The competition is like nothing we ever experienced.
    • They have access to more information by their teen years than we did in a lifetime.
    • Social media creates extreme pressure and adds to the competition.

    All of these things together, in both the kids and the parents, creates a sense of urgency to be more, do more and prove they are okay.

    To build a support system or village parents need to:

    • Stay involved at school and get to know other parents
    • Personally and transparently connect with other parents

    More about our guest Janice Case:

    Janice Case is an educator with 20+ years experience in both private and public school education. Her extensive public school experience includes middle and high school principal, high school assistant principal, and special education teacher. Her private school experience includes providing residential and school based instruction, in a K-12 environment, for children and adults with significant disabilities as well as program supervision over multiple sites and programs.

    For more than a decade, Janice has provided consultant services in the way of professional development to schools and school leaders nationwide. In the last three years Janice has expanded her collaborative partnerships to include the National Institute for School Leadership and now serves as the California State Coordinator for the organization. In February 2016 Janice added author to her repertoire upon the release of her first book, From Power Struggles to Conflict Resolution: Transform Your School’s Culture Today.

    Contact Information:
    Janice Case
    Email: jcase@nisl.org
    Janice can be found on linkedin and Facebook