• Becoming a Better Parent Through Self Care | Judy Davis Sandy Fowler | Episode 14

  • Self-care is almost taboo in our society. These days no one bats an eye if you say you’re exhausted or stressed—it’s almost expected. The idea of taking time to take care of yourself or reduce that stress through self-care is almost laughable. The truth is that self-care is vital for us and for our teens. We need it in order to become a better parent, one who is patient and observant, who can be there for our teen. We also need to teach our kids to take care of themselves and the best way to do that is by demonstrating good self-care. But who has time for this? Hear Mighty Parenting host Judy Davis’ story to find out just how bad things can get when you ignore your stress. Then listen as Judy, along with Sandy Fowler—two stress experts, use their expertise to help you define your priorities and reduce your stress.

    Ever wonder if Judy and Sandy really listen to our guest experts? Yes, they do. Judy will be putting Sandy in the hot seat to find out what happened when Sandy implemented Cath Hakanson’s advice about talking to your teenager about sex.


    A Favorite Quote from the Show:

    Look at how you use food or chemical crutches to push yourself beyond what your body can do.

    High Points about Parenting Self Care:

    Self-care is real and is vitally important.

    Not doing self-care can hurt you and it can also hurt your kids.

    The way you treat yourself is how your kids will treat themselves.

    Make yourself a priority with these 2 techniques from Judy Davis:

    1. Flush the Stress – listen to uncover patterns of behavior that put us last – listen to what other people REALLY say and what they have asked us to do
    2. Cut the Yuck
    • Stop using food and chemical crutches to push yourself past what is healthy for you to do.
    • Cut the unnecessary to-do items from your lists

    Find the time to do what’s important and take care of yourself with these strategies from Sandy Fowler:

    • Identify your real priorities
    • Quantify those priorities
    • Set times and put them on a calendar
    • Let go of things until it all fits on the calendar and still leaves space to breathe

    Don’t let yourself suffer from saying no a thousand times a day; do it once and be done.

    Use Sandy’s 3-part formula for saying no; 1. Thank you 2. Compliment 3. No. Then stop talking and don’t explain.

    More from Judy & Sandy

    Judy Davis aka The Direction Diva is a sought after motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and host of the Mighty Parenting Podcast. She is a small business and teen suicide prevention expert as well as an influencer in the military spouse community. Judy is passionate about providing programs and resources to families across the nation and is the CEO of DASIUM – a brand leading the way in depression, addiction and suicide prevention in teens and young adults.

    A recipient of the 2016 Dove Real Beauty Award, Judy has also been quoted, featured, and profiled in a variety of publications and interviews including Smart Money Magazine, Hiring America TV, The Jim Bohannan show, Dr. Laura Berman Show, and more. She is regularly featured as a parenting and military lifestyle expert/guest on radio shows and panels highlighting the challenges and issues facing families today.

    Sandy Fowler helps people take back their lives. She works with women and small business owners, teaching them how to make powerful choices that let them leave stress behind and live a joy-filled life. At DASIUM, she guides parents and organizations in preventing depression, addiction, and suicide in teens and young adults.

    She has been quoted on Lifetimemoms.com and SheKnows.com, featured in a cover story in the Detroit Free Press Twist Magazine, published in Mompreneur magazine and the Clarkston News. Sandy is a co-creator of The Keys to Getting What You Want: 4 Little Known Communication Secrets, and the creator of the Calendar Magic coaching program. She authored two books that use her principles to guide moms through the holiday season. She is a co-host of the Mighty Parenting podcast. Sandy loves to spend her free time camping, hiking, reading, or playing games with her husband and daughters. You can connect with her at SandyFowler.com.

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